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Conference IndiaMRO A&D 2016

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The India MRO A&D bespoke conference will attract leaders and subject experts from home and abroad to discuss the current trend in the field of MRO and steps to be taken to get a better market share. Look at best practices in the MRO industry globally & adopt them to the Indian scenario.

Focused Track Sessions addressing issues on various topics including Regulatory, Engineering, Propulsion, Leasing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Technology, Human Resources Development, Training, Law, IT Solutions, civil millitary co-operation etc will be held over the duration of the event

Conference Highlights :



  • Impact of New Civil Aviation Policy 
  • Ease of Doing Business in India 
  • Civil-Military Cooperation in MRO 
  • Certification issues 
  • Airports view on MRO 
  • Leasing of Assets 
  • Financing of Assets 
  • IT enabler in MRO 
  • States’ incentive in building MRO Hubs 
  • Best practices in Partner Country 
  • Skill Development in MRO 



  • GUJSAIL - Government of Gujarat confirms as Partner State 

  • Curtain Raiser of IndiaMRO 2015 received overwhelming response 

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  • SNECMA confirms as Conference Session Co-Sponsor

  • SIA Engineering Company confirms as an Exhibitor

  • Willis Lease Finance Corporation confirms as Lanyard Sponsor